It's Bread for the World Offering of Letters Sunday! Bread for the World is a Christian citizens non-partisan movement that supports Christians in exercising their full citizenship to speak up in behalf of those most vulnerable to poverty and hunger. You can learn more and find more ways to help at Reducing malnutrition, especially for children, has become even more urgent as we struggle against the pandemic; malnutrition makes children and at-risk populations more susceptible to disease. COVID-19. U.S. policies, leadership and funding for domestic as well as global nutrition programs can make a critical difference. That's why we write letters to urge Congress to act on behalf of those who are food insecure. A sample letter to our Representative and our Senators is being sent out with Pastor John's weekly email containing the zoom link for the service. Copies will also be made available for those attending church in-person. On the back of the sample letter are bullet points to help you personalize your letters. Send a separate letter to each of our three Congressional delegates. You'll find the names and addresses on the sample letter. Alternatively, you can email each of our Congressional delegates, by going to this website location and filling out the on-line form: cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=401&s_subsrc=urlshortcut .

Bread for the World would like us to report the number of letters we send to each of our Congressional delegates. So once you've sent your letters please let us know by e-mailing: Thank you! Your letters really do make a difference!

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